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A girl that you wanna wife up and show off to the world because she’s everything 💯💍
Person 1 : yo found me a girl I wanna spend the rest of my life with

Person 2 : woah you must have an orianne !
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One of the best people in the world. She is always there for you and knows when you need her. She makes you laugh all the time and you will never fail to have a giggle with her. She is not one to fuck with because she is so extra that she will sue a company if they fuck with her but if you stay cool, she is amazing. Best ever.
I wish I was like Orianne. She is one of the best friends anyone could ask for. Dayum girl I wish I was her!
by Basketball Dinosaur February 02, 2018
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The fucking queen bitch. Oriannes are always thinking they cute, when really, they are a piece of shit.
Man, look at orianne thinking she's all that. She just looks like a burnt potato chip.
by Donald goddamn fucking trump November 24, 2016
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