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A specific type of threesome (or orgy) in which a white person is double stuffed by two people of African descent.
"James and Malik came over last night and we had an Oreo Party," said Janet. "Wow...are you sore?" asked Julie. "No," she replied. "But they're coming over tonight and we're going to try a double stuffed Oreo Party so I may be late into the office tomorrow."
by katmandoo122 October 19, 2017
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When your on a ski trip to jasper and u and your friends are the only ones on the bus and you have to a but ton of Oreos and u eat all of them and the bus.
Guy 1: hey man lets get tinkered on the ski trip
Guy 2: na man 2 words Oreo Party.
by Saaaaaa dude July 20, 2016
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