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The female version of teabagging. The naked vagina goes right on a person's nose.

The name originates from the appearance of some vaginas.
Person A: Oh shit that dude is passed the fuck out. Someone should teabag him.
Person B: Fuck that, someone go get that drunk girl to give him a nice big open faced sandwich.
by lazy boyz April 04, 2010
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When a women leaves her used Maxi pad on top of a trash can (usually in a bathroom) for everyone to see.
Clem saw an open faced sandwich in Cecile's bathroom trash can today, vomiting ensued quickly thereafter.
by Klitz April 19, 2008
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An open-faced sandwich is when you fart while wearing no pants, boxers, or underwear, so being bare, naked, or nude, and you can smell it from a far distance away, like from another room.
I made an open-faced sandwich, and my brother screamed when he smelled it in the other room.
by TannerChap July 07, 2010
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Sexual maneuver where the female is positioned in a split on the ground, pelvis facing skyward.

The male squats over her and defecates upon her vulva, creating an "open faced sandwich".
Damn, this girl wanted an Open Faced Sandwich on the first date? Marriage. Material.
by Me_Gusta September 25, 2010
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While having sex with a woman (either vaginally or anally), the man uses a dildo on the other available orifice, producing the feel of a sandwich, without the extra man involved.
My girlfriend wanted a threesome with another guy, but I told her I'd just give her an open faced sandwich.
by Vincent L. Hubert October 25, 2007
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When two dudes are getting a blow job at the same time.
Bobby and Johnny called over Becky to give her an open-faced sandwich as she satiable appetite for cock.
by Tone dead titties March 11, 2018
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a sexual act involving multiple cocks in a mouth
A bukkake video will often involve multiple open-faced sandwiches.
by kaw26 July 18, 2016
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