1: A reaction for something small but silly happening.

2: Said after a witty remark.
Ex.1: General. OPE!


P1: Fatty says what?
P2: What?
P1: OPE.
by Niko Jims January 09, 2010
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An expression used when a mistake is made by a Midwesterner; an accidental blend of 'oops' with the Midwestern expression: 'ope.'
*A man accidentally bumps into a lady.*
Man: Opes, sorry about that.
by PseudoPsacredPsychoVirgin October 23, 2017
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or 'opez', used as replacement for 'oops' as in when one makez a mistake.

bobz: nice beat mane, itz hot.

jimmz: i didn't make it mane.

bobz: opes, my bad.
by John3:30 March 02, 2009
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When you accidentally walk into the bathroom when someone's taking a shit.
Ope sorry man... " awkwardly closes door and pulls out phone"
by His Holiness February 09, 2019
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The time that exists between when you send a message that was inadvertently autocorrected and the moment you send a correction. This timeframe is exasperated by the "_____ is typing" notification when it becomes a race for dignity.
Bob: Whatchu up to?
Tina: Not much. Just masturbating.
Tina: Ope!
Bob is typing something. . .

Tina: *menstruating
Tina: Ope!
Bob: WUT?
Tina: *meditating
by spagjam September 07, 2019
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This word is an exclamation, used to convey the sense of having forgotten something and then suddently remembered.
"Ope! I need to tell you.."

(brief silence) "Ope! I forgot!"
by Wallaby April 18, 2005
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Opium or any opiate/opioid (oxycodone, codeine, hydrocodone, heroin, morphine, fentanyl.. whatever)
"I could really go for some opes right now"

"OOOOPPPPEEEEESSSS" (to be said in a raspy ope-voice while under the influence)
by abeeler February 21, 2008
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