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An oatmeal made by Opal Crankshaft. It is made of oats, corn, and several other grains mixed with fresh violet flowers. It is often served warm, with violet infused milk poured on top. Its delicious at any time, but is mostly eaten for breakfast or supper. So if you're looking for something quick and easy to eat for dinner, try some Opalmeal - it will make an Opal out of you!
Opal: Hey Nelson, I got something good for you tonight! I'm made us some Opalmeal.

Nelson: Opalmeal? What in the world is that? You crazy grandma.

Opal: Oooh, its heaven, sweetie! Just wait till you taste it! Oats and corn and all sorts of other grains, mixed with fresh violets. Here, you want some?

Hec: Opalmeal? Boy do I need some of that! I've been Dragon Walking all day. All that has made me hungry.

Opal: Here, try this. Its sweet. Tons of delicious!

Hec: (he eats some) Wow! That's creamy and sweet. I think everyone should eat this. Hey Nelson, you want some?

Nelson: (he tastes his) You know, she's right! This IS delicious! This isn't just any old oatmeal; this is Dragon food!

Hec: (laughing) You got that right! Never underestimate the power of Opalmeal! Good for humans and dragons, too. (starts Dragon Walking again)
by Dusty's Baby Powder October 03, 2011
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