A slang for when you hear something that brings surprise, joy, or happiness to the speaker. Often said loudly to drown out other speaks during the slang.
"Yo did you see Neo give Etty the yammed on treatment yesterday?"

"Yeah brih that shit was fire"

by Master Of Shadows November 27, 2017
Caveman behaviour. Performing needless act of macho that lead to unnecessary pain in order to impress or intimidate
Guy 1: I walked on rocks barefoot
Guy 2: That's pretty Ooga
by Loooogas January 30, 2020
Ooga, often used in combination with Booga, is often used to describe an action or idea seen as primal or savage.
Also often used to make fun or straw man an opposing side in an argument.
"Man, Diablo is shit"
"Ooga Booga me big smart (monkey noises)"
by asdiasgdusd February 17, 2020
1. Exclaimation of delight, surprise or shock. Commonly followed by "-booga" or "-licious" depending on the circumstance.

2. Sound one makes whilst sqeezing the breast of an amply endowed woman or morbidly obese man.
by not_my_name December 9, 2004
Retarded Females ranging from 10 to death and have blond, red, or dark hair. They’re retarded and cannot speak. Whoever their lover is, is their call.
“Have you saw any ooga lately?”

“Yeah one crazy bitch at Walmart
by alexdd__ November 20, 2018
A big ball of fluff that meows a lot and needs constant hugs. Possibly the cutest thing alive.

"Ooga is beautiful, do you know this?"
by Cheecharoo April 19, 2012