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A high school in Boiceville, NY with all your normal high school stereotypes: soft jocks, self-proclaimed hipsters, scene girls, programmer nerds, losers, yuppies, etc. The school comes from three different elementary schools with fixed associations: Woodstock/West Hurley (hipsters/potheads), Olive (jocks/rednecks) and Phoenicia (more outdoorsy-type woodstockers/more rednecks). Nothing special in the education here, all the good teachers are young and get laid off in the schools ever-growing budget cuts. The district can't seem to find a good superintendent, but whoever they hire closes school at the sight of a snowflake. Most Onteora kids don't expect any sort of spring break. Pretty much every kid smokes pot, but not necessarily in the detrimental stoner kinda way. Kingston is ghetto and Saugerties is homogeneous and dull. School spirit is as weak as shit, I doubt most non-athletic students would know we're even the so-politically-correct Indians. Only things we can get right seem to be wrestling, skiing, and marching band a few years back. If you're transferring here I strongly advise convincing your parents to home school you.
Also known for pretty much school-wide alcohol-soaked parties throughout the year.
Saugerties Kid: Damn I got so much homework today.
Kingston Kid:
Yeah school sucks, but that shitty Onteora superintendent saw a snowflake this morning in Pine Hill and closed school. Lucky ass Onteora kids.
by Woodstocker March 11, 2011
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