Many people say that "shize" can mean shit but it is also a horrifying made up company in the game Only Cans which is a weird soda version of the adult web "Only fans" and it depicts a person spraying cans as they moan awkwardly while you do it. If you do it correctly a liquid spills out of the cans and you unlock the next skin. The last unlockable item is horrifying and should never be spoken of in real time.
Person 1: Hey bro what's Only Cans Shize?
Person 2: Why'd you have to remind me.
Person 1: Well what is it?
Person 2: It's from this weird-ass game called Only Cans you can download it on steam although I wouldn't recommend it.
Person 1: That sounds shady man.
Person 2: I don't wanna go in-depth but it's pretty weird.
by purroids May 24, 2021