A condition which a member of SHINee has. Named after the leader of SHINee, Lee Onew (Lee JinKi), the condition is quite contagious. If you are crashing into random things, tripping over your own feet, craving for chicken, or making lame jokes that make the atmosphere awkward, you might just have this condition. There is no cure for this condition, but it might warm your heart that you aren't the only person who is suffering from this condition.

This condition was first named when fans of SHINee, known as Shawols, noticed that Onew kept making cute mistakes. At first they thought that it was very cute of Onew, but as time passed, they began to suspect that Onew was doing this for fanservice, and began to worry that he would hurt himself. His fellow members, Key and Jonghyun, have confirmed that this condition is real, and that Onew is not acting.
Onew Condition is really cute to see.

I hope that Onew won't hurt himself because of his Onew Condition.
by ShawolStar<3 December 05, 2010
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Onew Condition is a very strange, mortal, super contagious sickness. You can assume you have this syndrome if you are weather making mistakes, talking or thinking about chicken, continuously tripping/falling, or making lame jokes and gestures that freeze the atmosphere.

This illness was developed by Lee Jinky, best known as Onew, leader of K-POP group SHINee, which provides this condition's name. Shawols, fans of SHINee, have been studying this particular illness over the years and haven't found the cure for this. However, SHINee members have found that you can ease this disease by singing "Molhaedo Onew Sangtae" (which means "Whatever he does, it's Onew condition") whenever the disease occurs.
Onew: "Why didn't the chicken cross the road?....Because I ate it!"
SHINee: *awkward silence*
SHINee: "♫ Molhaedo Onew Sangtae ♪" (Whatever he does, it's Onew condition.)
by Shawol4life August 28, 2011
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