A fish (salmon) shown on the popular British documentary 'Natures greatest events'. The fish viewed on this show produced a huge amount of semen which surrounded fellow female salmon causing a mass bukkake, hense the 'One Fish Bukkake'
Friend 1 - Dude did you see how much cum came out that fish?

Friend 2 - Yeah thats the one fish bukkake


Friend 1 - Dude i blew a huge load on that girls face earlier

Friend 2 - Just like the one fish bukkake
by NinjaFloydFan April 2, 2009
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a fish costing £1 sold to ladies for so very very cheap that you can also get six for £5.

selling £1 fish well gets you a chart topping music video dancing with sexy ladies.
come on ladies, come on ladies
£1 fish, £1 fish
have-a, have-a look
£1 fish
very, very good, very, very cheap
one pound fish
six for £5, £1 each
by bearcat335 January 23, 2013
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a loser dancing around like a homo.
"very,very good; one pound fish. very,very cheap; one pound fish". i lost my hat
by lmakbaf833 December 21, 2012
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A curse that is bestowed upon fisherman that have changed boats abruptly, ditched their boat mate and leaving their main vessel at home on fishing trips.
by Theangryfisherman May 27, 2021
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How much are those sneakers? One fish? Cmon man how about just a hundred
by Freshcuts December 6, 2019
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1. Means someone on9
2. Means something gets stuck
1. Peter is really one more fish. He deletes the whole production database
2. One more fish! The MTR delays again
by One more fish March 13, 2019
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This team consists of FatalMovie, sofiasomthin, and mckennabakugo, these three people may possibly be the best Minecraft Bedwars players ever seen. Together they can beat anyone at anytime and have thousands of Bedwars games. Their origin story consists of one day meeting by chance on the bedwars discord server and playing bedwars together the rest is history and how they got their team name; well that’s a story for another day.
Team one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish is the most elite team of minecraft players I have ever seen.
by mckennabakugo March 18, 2022
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