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A One day stand is a more innocent form of "one night stands," It's when you meet someone for the first time, flirt with them constantly all day, call eachother cute/pretty, hold hands, and maybe even kiss. Then you never talk to them again after that.
Person 1: "Are Julie and Zack going out?"
Person 2: "No, they kinda just had a One day stand."
Person 1: "ohhh,sucks."
by ChokeOnMyCandyCorn October 07, 2010
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To have a "thing" with someone, where you act like you're dating but without commitment and you only do it for one day.
Person 1: Do you and him dating
Person 2: No we just had a One Day Stand.
by Wise Old Woman April 03, 2014
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A term used by transients and travelers to describe a friendly relationship between two, previously unacquainted parties. The relationship develops quickly and ends abruptly as one or both parties is just passing through or soon to leave town.
Man: What'd you do yesterday?

Woman: I met this incredible couple from up north at the cafe. They're on a train trip around the country. We laughed and shared stories for hours until they had to head back to the station for their departure.

Man: Classic one day stand. It's too bad they couldn't stay longer; sounds like you really hit it off.
by pair of patetics December 19, 2011
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