When someone is obsessed over you, copies your style, tries to get with your girl, and all out is a weirdo about it.
Yo why the fuck you all on my tip dawg?! I’m starting to think you fruity for real. I ain’t worried bout yo punk ass.
by OlayOlayBoy December 11, 2019
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When a person is so close to you they are basically standing on your feet.
As soon as I mentioned I had a kill to death ratio 2.4401709401709404 the girl was on my tip.
by MaskedMann December 26, 2015
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a phrase used to describe a situation where someone has been infatuated with you or, "on your dick" for a long period time
Holy shit, Austin is burnin my tip! He won't stop bothering me!
by JacobM1998 June 18, 2013
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Upon removing one's circumcised penis from a female anus, one may discover fecal matter stuck to their glans penis. Can be used as an exclamation, prepositional phase or literally.
As an exclamation:
*Mike just got in a car accident*
Mike, "Shit on my tip!"

As a prepositional phrase:
Jason, "Shit on my tip, that bitch gave me herpes from a blow job."
Kyle, "That sucks, herpes is for life, I know from personal experience."

As a literal representation:
Jason, "Dude I had this girl, doggy style, bent over the toilet, fucking her in the poop cutter."
Erik, "Did you get any shit on your tip?"
by poopy pants nightmare May 6, 2010
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When someone is hating on you. Kissing the tip of your dick
Hating PPL: Man thats an ugly ass jersey
You: Man... Kiss my tip.....
by Young Chappelle July 23, 2006
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1. to "jock" the cock

2. To insert one's penis slightly into a partner's orifice enough as to only cover the tip. The partner then proceeds to attempt "the bounce." It is an art form in some cultures; a skill to be highly exonerated. Professionals of the aesthetic are referred to as "tip bouncers," "tip drills," "tippers," "rippers," and "skeezy bitches."

3. to "hebrew" your bill

4. to perform the "skeezy trapeze"
1. you bounce on my tip, i'll make the lips drip

2. Hey beezy, how bout when ur done making my sandwhich you bounce on my tip...shit, you know the name of the game
by dinglejerry August 13, 2009
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SoCal slang for sucking cocks
"Bro, nice hair, do you frost your tips"
"Nah, this is from the sun, but you should frost my tip"

STFU, frost my tip
by San Diego CTH June 2, 2010
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