Sep 21
When you see someone you dislike or have a problem with and you guys automatically break out into a scrap upon seeing one another.
1. "If that guy comes through its on sight"

2. "I saw that Evan guy at a party and it was on sight"
by AirMtb May 29, 2016
On sight means that when you have beef with some body you automatically fight them. There is NO talking it out
"Yo girl when I see her ima beat that bitch ass on sight!"
by Tiffany_Knows October 11, 2018
A term in rock climbing, describes completing a lead route without falling. The climber must not know anything beforehand about the route or have watched someone else climb it. See flash and redpoint.
I made the first ascent of this route by onsighting it because it was probably only a 5.7.
by sano September 21, 2003
As soon as you see someone or a particular person
1.When I see her we fuckin on sight like foreal
2.Like she came in the bathroom with me bro like it was on sight
by Creamycameltoe69 October 06, 2018
When there is no money being made off it, most people that talk about on site shit aren't going to do anything but bait somebody into a possible jail visit over what they say or do in response to being antagonized by some pussy.
D tried to get all his friends to come watch the fun of getting this crackhead dude locked up for saying or doing something really stupid on sight.
by Mr. 695-Miffles-bot September 22, 2018
A good way to turn someone into a YouTube star, pretend you want to fight them and have a friend film it.
The two girls pretended to almost get in a fight on sight and claimed they were doing for you, the viewing audience.
by Mr. 695-Miffles-bot September 22, 2018