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an action performed on one person. (usually females but sometimes males) when a person is getting it in every single hole all at once. ex: eyes, mouth, nose, ass, vagina, opened wounds, ears....
Dude that girl is soooo hot let's go get like 9 other guys and omnifuck her.
by Frost1992 October 23, 2008
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A person who will perform any number of sexual pleasures to anything that "it" (usually a she) finds aesthetically pleasing. It is usually categorized as neither slut nor whore because sluts do it for pleasure and whores do it for money. An omnifuck does it for the pure enjoyment of ruining all that is decent in public.
1: Man, look at Brittany! What a fucking whore hanging around all 3 of those guys! Is she dating ANY of them?

2:She's no whore! She's an omnifuck bro. She did all 3 of them. I watched it on the net last night. She promised me a date next week. I hope she doesn't have crabs.
by Pirate of Complacency March 03, 2007
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1. An all around fucked up position
2. A circle of homosexuals involved in an Oz grunting pumping and sweating good time.
Man joining the military is just one big Omni-Fuck of a situation to be involved in.
by boonpop February 24, 2009
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