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Pronounced: AHm-Bo
noun. Any typically white individual with a physical attribute in excess designating them as belonging to a circus; a physically abnormal human being; an extraordinarily different individual, in some cases considered a pariah because of their defining physical characteristics. One who is fuck ugly

an ombo could have excess skin, hair, teeth, fingers, shortness in height, eyes, or lack thereof.

the word ombo is typically paired with the words fuck, fucking, creepy, or nuts, such as ombo nuts in "this guy is ombo nuts" which can be considered a compliment, if pride is taken in such a quality.
look at all these fucking ombos, get 'em outta here!

holy shit! look at jay leno's chin! he's like an ombo!

dude, i can't look at you, you're like fucking ombo nuts
by Sunshin3 May 24, 2010
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