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An Omauri can talk to alot of girls at times but is loyal when you need him to be . He always starts off with good intention but if you cross him believe that he is always ready with a comeback. He can be funny but when its time to be serious he knows when. Loyalty is everything to him and he dosent care about what others think of him. If he ask you something it always has some type of value to him. He is usually very attractive and only lowers his confidence when he feels like it. If he bothers you and shows signs of intrest he may actually interested.
"I need to get me an OMAURI."
by TOO WAVY June 15, 2018
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Omauri is a n o i c e memey dude but can’t pull no girls. You also must know he has a major hate for the gays and loves furries. He’s nice looking and is like a living dinasaur rawr XD he also likes to blow ;).... the saxaphone and plays dEspAciTo. Also has a small pp
Noah: Oh hey this guy killed my gay dad LMFAO
John: Was it a Omauri?
Noah: His pp was small in a fursuit

Omauri: My pp hard
by Jeff From The Overwatch Team October 17, 2018
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