Olea is the dictionary definition of, "Perfect." Often shy in public, but very open around her friends, Olea will make anyone's day go from crap to amazing in a snap. She is very trusting, and it can sometimes lead to her getting hurt. However, she never lets it get to her for long, and can easily move on from it. She can be very stubborn, and won't always admit when she needs help. If you are close to her though, and she knows she can trust you, she will do anything for you. Everyone who gets to know her absolutely adores her, and she is truly a gift to be around. Guys love her personality, and she is usually the hottest woman in the room too. She is most likely very religious and tries her best to follow the rules. If her friends are ever offended, she is the first to step by their side and support them. If you ever meet an Olea, cherish her. She is the best person that will ever come into your life. Never let her go.
"Olea's here! Everyone! Let's go say hi!"
"Thanks, Olea. I knew I could trust you."
by The Pink Fox May 25, 2021
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Olea is a unique person who doesn't gaf about people feelings.
She is a Smart ,beautiful,and kind person.Olea is also a Olive plant that is found in many cities.
"Olea do you gaf about people's life stories and feelings?"
by Xdxoleatv March 24, 2017
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A person, or people, who are at the top echelon of society. One person or those who are skilled, dangerous, well-rounded, and feared opponents.
There's a reason I have such desirable qualities, I'm an Olea.
by Entreolea June 16, 2023
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