Old Sinister Turmoil is a FNaF fan game and was the original version of Sinister Turmoil created by UHQ_Games, who literally vanished from the internet after giving up on the game and giving it to a new developer. Old Sinister Turmoil featured FNaF models that weren't very accurate, with just sharp teeth slapped on them and their eyes removed. The game also contained assets taken from the Unity market for free, and not very good environments. A full game was never released, but small demos were that had you playing as an animatronic and walking around a small area. Another demo had you as a human doing very small and simple tasks in a building. Overall, Old Sinister Turmoil was trash and only gained so many followers from its promise of multiplayer (which would never have happened in the first place).

Old ST Fan: Ew, the new game sucks so much! It's so different from the original, and now Multiplayer is gone! It's like the devs don't care about the fans at all.

Dev: But, more effort has been put into the New Sinister Turmoil than the Old Sinister Turmoil.

Old ST Fan: You guys changed the story so much! An amusement park? Lame!

Dev: But, the Old Sinister Turmoil also had an amusement park in its story, and the story is still mostly the same.

Old ST Fan: The animatronics aren't even scary! They look so ugly!

Dev: The animatronics aren't suppose to look scary though, they're suppose to be intimidating. And more effort was put into them then the old ones.

Old ST Fan: You got rid of Multiplayer! That was the best thing about the game!

Dev: The original dev lied about it though, and it wasn't going to happen. We at least tried to make it a reality, but couldn't.

Old ST Fan: You don't care about the fans and what they want! Screw this game!

Dev: But, we do....
by The fish nish. July 12, 2018
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