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To hurt yourself while jacking off vigorously while sticking your thumb up your ass.
Alex pulled an Okulski and now has a brace on his wrist.
by dudewastingtime May 15, 2009
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1. Verb:
To obsessively call bullshit in hopes of being proven wrong in a spectacular manner.

2. Adjective:
Someone who illustrates definition 1.

Origin: Coined in response to a Jalopnik writer correctly pointing out a fake viral video. As a result he was humiliated in a new one. Everyone on the internet then thought it was clever to attempt to insult random companies in hopes they would do the same.
1. Travis Okulski'd so hard that the playmate decided to let him get to second base.

2. "Travis don't be such a fucking Okulski. Just because you don't believe he got a Ferrari doesn't mean he will give you a ride to prove you wrong."
by Orlove March 01, 2014
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