1. Used to express approval or agreement.

2. A response some bosses or executives expect after a question of status or quality of work
1st Person: I want you to clear out your desk.

2nd Person: Okie Dokie


1st Person: I need you to keep a record on those orders, and make sure to include the weekly gross.

2nd Person: I will make sure to do that, sir.

1st Person: You got that? keep up with those orders and don't forget the weekly gross amounts, Okie Dokie?

2nd Person: Okie Dokie.

1st Person: Okie Dokie, I'll see you next week.
by MrRadicalEd March 10, 2004
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The act of making the okay sign with one hand and then giving someone a hand job with the circle made by the thumb and index finger.
I asked her for a blowjob but she said, "No, the most I will do is an Okie Dokie".
by Shamcity June 29, 2012
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It's a stupid annoying slang where people could just use ok but the freakin use okie. It's like cookie wtf
Adrian:Can you pass that sugar please?
Emma:Okie dokie!
Adrian:Wtf are you saying?! Have u lost you sanity?!!!! Im asking for a goddamn sugar not a fcking cookie u prick!
by Mozad November 23, 2020
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A word that a retard uses when they don't know shit and want to change the subject
Student: "Why does investment contribute to AD?"
Economist teacher: "Okie Dokie, that's not part of the course"
by KlaraPravda April 22, 2018
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