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Expression commonly used in place of words that can not be used in public. You can tell someone to Oinch you, Oinch off, or use as an expression of glee or approval as in Oinch, Mother Fucker, Oinch! You can use Oinch as a noun, verb, adverb or adjective. A universal fun word!
Oh, he is the oinchiest! - as in {way cool} {groovy}
Well, Oinch me! - expression of dismay or disgust, very similar to Well, Smell Me!
Oinch, Mother Fucker, Oinch - expression of hearty approval usually accompanied by fist pump
Oinch- substitution word used for hilarity and political correctness in public anywhere or anytime depending on the inflection and context used
Oinch, Avi, Oinch - seductive greeting
by GolfrrGrrl October 07, 2009
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