A bunch of cunts who think they are the best.
Fuck those Ohio State Fans
by Coochie Blaster November 25, 2018
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Bunch of idiot people who get a high from their team beating up a bunch of nobodies during the regular season then cry like the little bitches they are when they get beat by a proven team. Some classic examples are: 2007 national championship game, 2008 national championship game, 2021 national championship game. You wanna be the best maybe it's not a good idea to fill up your schedule with a bunch of scrubs.
The Ohio State fans were acting all high and mighty after the buckeyes beat the local high school team but then they had to play Alabama in the national championship game and lost 84-0. They should probably start playing real competition during the regular season to toughen themselves up but you know they're too scared to.
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