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A college in the middle of bumfuck Egypt where the students get pummeled my endless amounts of homework causing them to go into, what can only be considered, alcoholism. The town-I'm sorry, not town, the little spit of Hell the school is located in is so dry and boring that every student has perfected their beer pong, beer bonging, beer shotgunning and other various drinking game skills because there isn't a single other fucking thing to do other than drink.
OSU Student #1: Who the hell are those two guys that crashed our party and are 10-0 at the beer pong table?
OSU Student #2: Oh, they're the kids from Ohio Northern University. They're good 'cause, there ain't nothing to do at that school but drink."
OSU Student #1: Northern? Poor bastards...
by Northern Black Swan January 28, 2014
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ONU - A university located in the small crappy-ass town of Ada. Their law school is just about the shittiest in the entire nation.
Ohio Northern University is the crappiest place in the nation - it should be completely razed!
by Mr. Bad Azz February 14, 2005
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horrible, horrible school in the most pointless town on the planet. impossible to get anyone to tell you what's going on with anything. basically spending time there makes you want to throw yourself down a flight of stairs.
Being at Ohio Northern University makes me want to wretch and die.
by onu hater May 07, 2006
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