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A band that is 100% all about the music and the fans. In order to do this, the members keep their identities a secret.

Oh, Hush!'s debut album 'The Yellow Album' came out on 9.30.08.

They started on myspace and can be found at
have you listened to Oh, Hush! today?
by Kelsey Medcalf October 15, 2008
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the greatest Rock / Pop / Disco House band ever! They have been incognito on
myspace for over a year and have been gaining fans every since. its a really
cool band, and you can listen to their music at
Bob- "have you heard Oh, Hush! made a new album?!"
Bill- "OMG really?! Took them long enough! I am so going to their myspace and
buying the CD before it's sold out!"
by itxheather January 19, 2009
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The band made up of members from other bands that have epicly failed, that likes to brainwash and or con poor unsuspecting kids. They also have a group of fans on MySpace. This group consist of 10-11 t33ni3 girls that have no taste in music. They also like to spam other well known and enjoyable bands messageboards/forums. Due to their spamming most of the members of the spammed messageboards/forums hate them. Thus making both the band and thier fans epic failures.
Oh, Hush! Teenie- OMG U should lyk so gow chek out Th!$ band. They are So twotaly awsum!!!11!one!1

FobrBoardie- Hell no -Wtfface-

Teenie- W3ll u kno that -insertbandnamehere- h@$ b33n h4$ been workin wif them!!one!!11won11!!

Boardie- Yeah...No one cares -continues with total pwnage-

by FobrBoardie=pwnage March 31, 2009
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