1.) A way to show that your suprised, or disgusted without upsetting the CHRISTIAN people of the world...

...also very annoying if used in real life.

2.) A popular anime: Azumanga Daioh has a character in it named Osaka, who when dreaming exclaimed "Oh my GAH!" when a floating cat greeted her.

Can be found on youtube
1. Anon: ...THIS IS TWO GIRLS ONE CUP!!! *click*
Person: OH MY GAH!!!!!! o_O

2. Cat: How are you? Fine, thank you...
Osaka: OH MY GAH! D:
by OkamiKNOWS!! August 23, 2010
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Exclamation of disbelief that doesn't use the lord's name in vain
"Excuse me miss, your cat Gussy took a piss on my carpet"
Debbie: "Oh my gah! Mr. Gus would never do that!"
by Ernie Staphapolous May 9, 2006
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Instead of saying "oh my God" or "oh my gosh". Jessica Simpson uses this term quite often on her MTV Show and manages to annoy her husband and family.
My neighbour is in hospital!
"Oh my Gah!! What happened?"
by ButterflyCarol February 4, 2006
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"Oh My Gah" Is the correct way of spelling the way Jessica Simpson says "Oh My God". It's the perfect way to be surprised about something without using God's name in vein.
Casey: "Jessica they're teabagging!"
Jessica: "Oh my gah!"
by Paine July 21, 2004
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