An exclamatory phrase used similar to Oh My Gosh.

Use this phrase to express many different types of feelings such as shock, excitement, anger, disgust, sarcasm, surprise etc. Express the phrase "seriously" (lol)

It's the body language that goes with expressing this saying that tells the feeling behind it for the moment it is used!
Friend 1: I have tickets to see Godsmack in April with backstage passes!
Friend 2: Oh My Hell! I want you to get pics of Sully Erna,
an autograph and a shirt and a Poster and video!

It's April 2nd and it's supposed to snow! Oh My Hell! Crazy Indiana Weather!

It's Friday! Oh my hell, I hope this day is not crazy like I think it's gonna be!

Oh My Hell! He is such a Jerk! I want to SNAP his little redneck!

Post on FB - "i have 2 new sayings from just this wkend......"OH MY HELL" AND "LAUNDRY BASKETS R GOLD" i really have to love my friends. "

Reply 1 to FB post - "You had to have picked up oh my hell from '____'."

Reply 2 to FB post: - "exactly. she made me laugh all ngt w that saying."

Reply 3 to FB post: - "I love her. And the way she says it, so serious."

Reply 4 to FB post: - "Awww, You make me Blush ;o) ♥"
by BHWindBag April 07, 2011
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Used When you are very angry at someone and you are also Indian
Oh my bloody hell Lewis why would you kill my family
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