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Nerd³ is a YouTuber named Dan(iel) Hardcastle (Hes British.), his series include, Machinima series 13 Ways to Die, Nerd³ Plays, Nerd³ Soapbox (A thing where he rants. Also replaced Nerd³ Completes because he didn't like it and wanted to try something new.)(Nerd³ Completes also replaced Nerd³'s Month of because he missed the 'deadline' so to speak.) , InTheLittleCubed with Martyn from the Yogscast which has been replaced with Little vs. Cubed title is pretty much self explanatory. In my opinion He is by far the best YouTuber I have ever watched. He also hates ducks.
OfficiallyNerdcubed also hates the new YouTube comments hence why his recent videos comments has been disabled.
by toxiccheese November 13, 2013
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