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A call made by police to indicate an officer is severely injured or deceased. Usually referring to other officers, but can be used in the first person. This is followed by the location of the officer in question.
"Shots fired! Officer Down! I'm at 73rd and Brooklyn, get EMS and backup now!"

"Dispatch Received. All units, Code 3, we have an officer down, all units respond to the intersection of 73rd and Brooklyn, ASAP."
by Moderate_Man May 20, 2019
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the evolution of "shots fired" and its iterative extension "shots received." Instead of wasting time reflecting on the past, recipients of an insult now just report the crisis in real time.
"hanging out with you made me behave shamefully" "ouch. officer down"
by scout3y February 23, 2015
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similiar to brodown and hodown but for police.
policeman 1: hey wanna get some weed from the evidence room and play some xbox.

policeman 2: haven't you heard? theres an officerdown tonight all the weeds been shotgunned
by officer mcgrady January 22, 2009
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