The day when the smartest and sexiest people are born. These people will steal your girl and then they'll come for you too.
Man: you see that guy over by the water cooler
Other man: yeah, what?
Man: Hear hes an October 2nd guy
Other man: oh shit hes gonna take my girl!!!
Man: Yeah, then he's coming for you
by MIAMALKOVA's BITCH April 17, 2020
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National don’t come to school day
Mom: Get ready for school
Jimmy: but it’s national don’t go to school day it’s October 2nd
by the FBI #fbiLETSgo November 1, 2019
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People born on October 2 are naturally good looking by nature. Their constant thrive for greatness and success makes them appear untouchable among other humans. People born on october 2 are as intellectual, as they are strong. They have incredible muscles and a fantastic booty. Therefore they are the closest modern equivalent to ancient gods such as Hercules, Thor, Athena or Freya.
Aron is born on October 2, 1998.
by Flamboyant_bum October 17, 2019
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October 2 is the day a boy give a girl that he likes a hoodie. After he gives the girl the hoodie he has to hug her like a boyfriend and girlfriend hug.
On October 2 all boys should not be scared to give the girl he like his hoodie.
by Ski_the_best_1205 October 1, 2019
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National Drink Dish Soap Day. Traditionally celebrated by consuming dish soap, but shampoo can be substituted in certain circumstances. Original Palmolive® brand dish soap is a fan favorite, but other brands and flavors aren't uncommon.
Jeremy: Jade, what are you doing with that bottle of Palmolive® AntiBacterial Orange Scented Dish Soap?
Jade: Buddy, it's October 2.
Jeremy: Damn, I forgot that was today. Luckily I always keep a bottle of Dawn® Ultra Dish Soap in my car.
Walter: I already finished my whole bottle of Ultra AJAX® Super Degreaser Lemon Scented Dish Soap earlier today. I'll be shitting bubbles for weeks.
by strawbatom October 18, 2019
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