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The Second Thing You think of when you hear. TWILIGHT, JUSTIN BIEBER, AND ANYTHING ANNOYING. These Things are soo annoying you want to rip out your Eardrums when you hear them speak because they have no life (except of their so called friends who only have 2-3 things in common.) and they talk about absolute shit. Because they would instantly buy a $20.00 magazine for paragraph of rumours and a guy that knows a guy who did something to do with Shit.
Picture a nice Packed mall then:

Obsessed Fangirl #1: Did you hear that Justin Beiber did nothing today

Obsessed Fangirl #2: OMFG! that is soo amazing tomorrow we should do nothing.

Obsessed Fangirls: SCREAM!!!!


Obsessed Fangirls: We are talking about JB.

INSERT YOUR NAME HERE: Oh your talking about that Gay Faggot.

Obsessed Fangirls: Fuck off don't talk about our Justy like that.

Now your nice trip to the mall has been ruined by Teen Brats.
by Rokios January 11, 2012
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