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First discovered on the internet in 1997, this phenomenon quickly rose up to become one of the most notorious and unreachable entities of modern day internet.

Obli is thought to be the creator and mastermind behind various projects in the online gaming industry.
It is said that his extreme skill is only matched by his wit and ego.

Bill Gates himself declared february 2005 that Obli might well be the solution to the problems Microsoft is facing in the gaming branch. Whether Obli is indeed working for Microsoft is unknown.

It may be all pure speculation, but we from eXodus think it's very unlikely that Obli is working for Microsoft. Considering the fact that the prospect for the XboX360 is rather dim, because the Ps3 and the Revolution have far greater potential.
We think that it's well possible that Obli might not be working for Microsoft as declared by Bill Gates, but is indeed working for Nintendo.
There is not much to say in this department. Other than expressing our awe to the mystery we adore.

*sigh*, I wish I was like Obli...
by Stephen McCollin January 16, 2006
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