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The pause Obama does when he's waiting for his teleprompter to switch to his next screen. Obama would have no need for Obamacommas if he simply wrote his own shit instead of reading others.
Obama: I have singlehandedly saved the economy, and the world.

Obama: I have also passed the greatest healthcare bill on the face of this planet. Thank you
by Bob the Mops February 14, 2011
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A political Comment or commentary on Obama which can be either positive or negative, but generally from the perspective of Obama's political base of support or a generally pro-Obama point of view, offering a defense of Obama against some ridiculous charge or conspiracy theory offered by opponents. "Comma" indicating a pause or break from the momentary insanity.
Was that a "Terrorist fist JAB"!!!

No, that is called "dap" and it is a gesture done by athletes to indicate team spirit, congratulations, or as inspiration to perform well. (That is an Obama Comma)
by Obama Comma December 13, 2009
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