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when people fall hook, line and sinker for fabulous marketing campaigns all the while ignoring true facts.
Nikki : Dude, have you seen the new iPhone 4G? It's sweet!

Alex : Ya...but there's no way I'm getting one of those. It's got the Obama Syndrome. Haven't you heard of all the problems people are having with them?

Nikki : Ya, but those aren't too big of deal. And you can get better reception if you avoid holding the phone a certain way.

Alex : You just proved my point. Droid is better anyway. WORD.
by Mr. Muggles June 25, 2010
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Used when people are in a rush for no good reason and become an extreme annoyance.

Background: The roots of the Obama Syndrome lie in the rush and tension accompanying meetings with high ranked officials.
"Can we leave? Right now? Huh? Get up. Come on. We have to go man. We really need to get going. Now. Us. Leave. Right Now. We need to be there extremely early for no good reason whatsoever."



"Let's tune down the Obama Syndrome shall we."
by KGE June 28, 2010
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