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People who have supported Barack Obama as a candidate and as President.

1.) Voters in 2008 who were smart enough to realize that after 8 years of destructitive behavior from the Bush Administration, we needed a drastic change to restore America to its former glory. These people also were smart enough to know that if John McCain was elected he would continue to lead us on the same disastrous path as Bush43 . These people voted for Obama.

2.) From the time he took office in January 2009, Obama has been working hard to repair the damage Bush caused to our economy and our standing in the global community.
These things take time and patience. Obama's supporters know this and want to help him continue to work for all of us. In the tough times in 2009-2010, some people are wondering about Obama's plans, and wonder why the Bush Depression is lasting so long. His patient supporters still know they made the right choice in 2008. They know it takes time to fix the historic clusterfuck Bush left behind! l
Obama Supporters and working hard to combat the lies, obstructions, and all the bullshit spewing from bushnesiac Obama haters and Obama blamers. They know, no matter how bad things are in 2010, if Republicans would have won in 2008 we'd all be in much worse shape!
by Charles_U_Farley September 02, 2010
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A person who throws out all logic and reason for lies, false promises and flowery speeches! Someone who is easily fooled or an idiot. A braindead person. Can also be a deceitful person.

Can also be used in place of bad words around children or others.
That guy almost hit our car, what an Obamasupporter!
by HonestDan December 24, 2009
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Obama supporters
Definition: (n).
Largely anti-patriotic, weak-minded liberals who are drawn to idiotic ideals . One of the their defining factors lies in their lack of educational experience in American History 101, U.S. History 102, and 103, and Micro and Macro Econonomics. Most Obama supporters are also characterized by not knowing why they believe what they believe, often citing "the polls" or "the media'' as a valid source of information. A very denial-prone group, Obama supporters seem to over look anti-American political connections, past voting records, and presentation gaffes (an unrealistic example of this being forgetting the number of states that comprise the U.S.). When debating with an Obama supporter, words such as "change" and "hope" often commically arise (in such cases it is necessary to over-look the naivete of such utterances). In regards to "change," Obama supporters often forget that this verb can often procede in a negative direction, simply repeating what networks such as CNN or MSNBC decide is an important factor. In regards to this cultish and childish leash that is wrapped around most Obama supporters necks by main-stream media, they often focus on negativity such as denying the fact that the economy benefited 7 out of the God-given 8 years that President Bush held the whitehouse and focusing on the last year which marked a down-turn brought on by past democrat leaders such as Bill Clinton (this fact is very ironic since most Obama supporters contribute this down-turn to President Bush's spending which will be substantially greater under Obama's direction). Obama supporters also show a tendancy to take pride in weakness and insecurity, pushing for a ban on hand-held firearms and rifles (this also shows their un-constitutional nature due to 2nd amendment right violation). On their behalf, this shows much faith in human love and peace, however naive it may appear. It also gives the "lower-class" Obama claims he wants to re-distribute wealth to the chance expand black markets due to the inability of citizens to defend themselves and their neighbor hoods. Obama supporters are often associated with poor mathematical skills: Following is a "proof"
the top 1 percent of income earners pay 40 percent of the income taxes; the top 5 percent pay 60 percent; the top 10 percent pay 71 percent; the top 25 percent, 86 percent; and the top 50 percent, 97 percent
Obama claims he will give tax cuts to 95% of the population.
38% are already not paying income-taxes = do the math

In a sentence:
"Look at that Obama supporter giving his hard earned money to the government"

Synonyms: Socialists, Marxists, Lenonists, extremists
"Look at that Obama supporter giving his hard earned money to the government"
by Energyplusjuice October 29, 2008
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A bunch of dumb ass people who don't understand economics, socialism, or the price of freedom.
Obama won the election because of a bunch of dumb ass Obama Supporters.
by edi04a November 15, 2008
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