An upper-class leafy inner northern Sydney suburb that caters to the ruling class aka the landlords or business moguls of Parramatta.

We think of large mcMansions, Mercedes-Benz and 24 karat gold boys who go to Kings.
Where's Oatlands?
Pssssht that's the fancy side of Parra.
by poloshirtsrugbyshorts February 7, 2018
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oatlands is the most epic place to live in the history of mankind !
it is known for:
- the amazing burger shop
- best summers known to mankind
- the cool parks

- awesome chilled out atmosphere
- picturesque streets
- the most awesome kids all live in oatlands and everyone is just jealous
Micheal: hey man that kid is so cool, look at all his friends and look how much fun theyre having ! where can i go to be like him ?

Michelle: he lives in oatlands..

Micheal: OHHH that totally explains it !
by fjhsdalkjfhdksf April 5, 2011
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