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Located in Oakdale, CA. -Also known as: OkieDale, SmokDale, and the Cowboy Capital of the World.

The students who attend this school specialize in: gossiping, talking about other peoples lives/business, stealing boyfriends/girlfriends, bragging about non existent parties, and the occasional school drug bust (it's just to hard to leave your weed at home).

They are dedicated to being shisty two-faced bitches and will stop at no cost to ruin your lives if they feel necessary.

You vehicle is your status and will get you all the trashy truck sluts you need...just show them the money!

If you wanna get with what everyone else already has, then come Oakdale High, we could always use more wannabe's.:)

PLEASE NOTE*The above definition is based on the 90% of the Oakdale High population...people may very.
You know your at Oakdale High when there's more lifted trucks then cars.

Duuude, I saw someone run a train on that chick at the last Oakdale High party.
by mikehawkyourmom March 28, 2011
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