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Off The Ground or OTG: When an attack is OTG it means that it hits off the ground. In MvC3's case it generally causes a groundbounce (although not all the time). For example, when Amaterasu is in her Glaive stance her charged Jumping H can hit OTG (hits knocked down opponent and causes a bounce) and can be followed up with another move or can be canceled into a Hyper. Other OTG moves are X-23's Ankle Slicer (?), and Wesker's (lower angled) Samurai Edge. Other moves such as Dante's Jam Session, pick up opponents.
by Jax39 April 13, 2011
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off the grid. getting away from IM, email, SMS or other online activities to enjoy the real world for any specified amount of time.
J- How was your week?

T- Mad crazy! Emails, IMs, people texting me!! I'm taken an OTG day tomorrow!
by Sir Wabbit September 04, 2009
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Over Time Grind -

1.) Meaning On The grind, Over Time to reach a goal, reach a amount of money, to achieve a certain status, or just as motivation.
2.) Hard work, Dedication, If you work hard to reach the top, then you’re on that #OTG! Over Time Grind
What you do last night? - Nothin I worked, on my "OTG" shit, tryin' cop this crib - oh "OTG" my Nigga - #OTG!
by I Double L October 01, 2013
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Outside the gates. It's a term from the sci-fi show TerraNova and it means to go outside of the gates, literally. There is also a hidden meaning which is that to go OTG, it means to go beyond your limits or where you should not be.
"Dude, we're going to OTG from school."
"Whoa, that's crazy! You'll get caught bro!"
by DareDonut September 29, 2011
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Otg means “ out the gate” which in New Zealand is common slang for meaning something Or someone that is crazy.
“Man Ben that party was wild last night”
Ben- “yeah it was otg
by Yhfukubro July 11, 2019
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OTG stands for "on the go" and is used quite alot in the chat world.
whats otg? , otg tonight ?
by Biff November 08, 2004
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