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Same as OTP and OT3 (One True Pairing and One True Threesome), but with four people. Actually, you could add any number after "OT" and it would mean a pairing with that many people, but it's rare to see more than three people in OTP's.
Crazy yaoi fangirl: OMG!! SasukexNarutoxGaaraxNeji is so my OT4!!!
by ZelmanC. May 07, 2007
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One true paring became One true FOURSOME!!! AAAAAAA
“Hey, did you read that fanfiction about 5SOS OT4?”
“Yeah, pretty good. I ship them all!”
“I ship Lashton and Malum.”
“No way same!”
“But the 4 of them shipped together is better.”
by f4d3Rs May 29, 2018
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