Opium aka carti (the goat) and his record label
Signed with teen x (the goat)
Bozo: " carti is trash:
Carti off Opium : "VAMP ANTHEM"
Bozo: "wack"
Carson fans: "tell this bum ass young boy fan to shut up"
Bozo: "I am a women repellent"
by Ibeenonopiumforayeartbh August 30, 2021
Opium is a black sticky tar. The "latex" or "sap" that can be harvested from certain species of Poppy plants.

It contains over a dozen drugs.
To name a few:

By making a few slight scrapes around the mature seed pod, the white latex will beging to drain.

In a few hours it will have dried into a black tar. That is the unrefined opium.

This process is typically repeated several times.

In countries such as Iran, Holland, Romania, and many others, large amounts are harvested for medical purposes.

In many other cases it is used for the purpose of creating the illegal substance heroin in mass quantity.
As they say in the hills of Thailand/Burma, "Anybody who smokes more than three pipes of opium a day is an addict."
by Cade October 7, 2004
Opium is a tar-like drug, most often black in color. It tastes like no other, being made from poppies. It makes you feel like you're floating, yet sinking into your couch. It's amazing: afterall, there was a war over opium...
"My mouth tastes like flowers. I must have smoked some opium."
by indiewendi January 17, 2008
I been on opium for the last 10 dayz
yung lean: ay carti u good?
carti: i been oN opIum 4 de last teN dayz
by weebotgangnazzy January 31, 2022
being opium isn't just a saying, it’s a lifestyle. If you don’t live under a rock, you should know who playboi carti is, and his group, opium. Carti mentioned releasing album plenty of times before his final decision of December 25, 2020. The artist in his group have done the same, they’ve also lied about album drops and song releases. So opium is a group of liars basically. The funny thing about them though, is that every-time they drop is a banger, so you cant do anything but love them. Therefore i’ve come to the conclusion that if you’re opium, you are not only a liar and manipulator, but a charismatic and sexy man/woman/whatever.
Teresa: He’s so fine and beautiful but he lied and cheated on me! What is wrong with me?! Why do i still love this man

Darrel: That boy opium as hell, he got you in a full nelson.
by gurudamon July 23, 2022
A drug that Edgar Allen Poe used often. This is mentioned in many of his short stories/poems
Cole was walking around as if he had been smoking opium all night.
by aub March 31, 2005
the damned drug that the british sold to the chinese. caused mass addiction and dependence.

opium war of the mid-19th century
don't be smokin opium. it's bad for you.
by squee1 August 15, 2005