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I only smoke opc's (other people's cigarettes) because I am too cheap to buy my own and I won't admit I have an addiction.
by HyacinthGirl827 September 19, 2008
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You're on holiday, minding your own business, when a guy or gal ambushes you on the street and by some means , manages to get you into a taxi to go and suffer a Timeshare presentation at a (hopefully) nearby resort, in return for some gift. These people work for the Timeshare Companies and are known as OPCs because they approcah people off the premises, and provide the resorts with a steady stream of people to sell Timeshare to.
by BigBadBunny July 18, 2009
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Stands for Oh Please Connect, used as a curse word in industrial facilities when systems from different manufacturers either stop passing data between them or will not start in the first place. Often mistakenly believed to stand for Object Linking and Embedding for Process Control, a communication standard for industrial control systems.
Engineer 1: The plant historian isn't getting any data!

Engineer 2: Damnit, the OPC server must not be working again!
by lt1 November 23, 2012
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OPC is an abbreviation for the phrase "One Pump Chump". A man who can only last one pump inside of a woman before he blows his load and can no longer have sex.
jessica: hey, so have u done it yet with drake yet? hes hott!
angelina: yeah.
jessica: so... how was it???
angelina: brutal! he's a total OPC!
jessica: that blows. literally.
by msbairds April 04, 2010
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Other people's cigarettes. Usually used with "down with".
Damn Jesse, you sure are down with OPC.
by foobaz January 19, 2004
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Kelly says he's an OPC, he stuck it in once and said he was done.
by jeji August 25, 2003
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Official PlayStation Community, SONY's European/Australian forum community. dot com
SCEE's forums now look as bland as the OPC.
by MasterGT_ca March 01, 2010
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