Oooooh and ahhhhh. An oooooh is a dick 1-4inches long. An ahhhhh is a dick 5+ inches long
by Babyyyyyyyyyyyyy February 3, 2016
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taken from the funnitest movie - the cable guy.

can be used to express exctasy/ irritattion/ suprise . . .
"While meeting with Steven in jail, the Cable guy opens his shirt, presses his nipple up to the glass and passionately moans, "Oh Billy." This feigned gay action causes another prisoner to look over to Steven and blow him a kiss."
by CarrieLuck June 23, 2005
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Same as Oh my goodness, or Oh My God. Except this term is only used when getting head from a female, or some type of excerpt is done by a female to turn you on.
Kevin: Yo Stacy what's poppin'? What up wit dat dome?
Stacy: Aiight but just this once. *proceeds in giving Kevin some of dat goodness*
Kevin: Oh My Oooooh!!

Bobby: Ay Kim You need to stop playin and lemme drop it in dem drawls real quick.
Kim: Ok *takes her bra off and tits spill all over the place*
Bobby: Oh My Oooooh!!
by Leu February 23, 2007
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When you finally understand something someone was trying to say

Or this could be used as a loud "sound"
"OOOOOH, I finally understand the joke."

"OOOOOH, he was sick because he ate expired food."
by LG609 May 19, 2022
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