This sentence always connected with STRAY KIDS member LEE KNOW,for his unique personality , His ability to dance in a way that no one can beat and the way he express his love to the people he loves .
Lee know is really one of a kind
“This man one of a kind “
“Lee know way in love others is one of a kind”
“Lee know dance moves one of a kind “
“Lee know personality is one of a kind “
by Leeknower May 15, 2022
Lee know from stray kids ,he’s not only the best 4th gen dancer ,he’s also a vocalist,rapper and of course the UNREACHABLE VISUAL, imagine a man had all these in addition he’s know to how to cook,loves babies , cats ,his friends from the school are the same when he becomes an idol , and this not ended here ,he has a a unique personality pretend that he is cold but he total sweetheart.
as lee know said "i have cold feet and hands but i got a warm heart 🤍"
fans call him "ONE OF A KIND "
for these reasons .
Lee know is really one of a kind

Lee know one of a kind dancer
Lee know one of a kind man
by Leeknower May 19, 2022
This phrase probably means something unique, has no similar thing from its sex.
She's not easy to find, she's one of a kind
by Nabeel, January 11, 2008
A common phrase used to tell someone they're unique or that an object is.

"Wow, that's a special ring! Your 'fiancèe' is a special lady,"

"Yeah, it's custom-made. I wanted to make it one of a kind, just like her."
by The Eord April 22, 2016