a term used to describe the kpop member lee know from stray kids (skz)

who creates his own choreographies and dance like nobody
“did you see lee know in that presentation?”

“yes, he truly are the 4th gen dancer”
by minhopro June 17, 2021
"best 4th gen girl dancer" is a nickname for ITZY Lee Chae-ryeong because shes the prettiest 4th gen dancer
a: wow Lee Chaeryeong is such a good dancer!
b: yeah she's the best 4th gen dancer
by kpopfpx November 13, 2021
Osaki Shotaro/Shotaro Osaki. He has been dancing before some of these 4th gen dancers were even born. Professional dancer before debut, and he is truly the best in 4th gen.
by dreamscometru January 15, 2022
4th gen main dancer is used to describe Enhypen's Ni-ki who dances better than ur whole generation at 14 years old!
Omg who's that boy that's shaking his ass to Rihanna Lemon?
That's the 4th gen main dancer, Ni-ki!
by hyeongjungay November 5, 2020
Enhypen Sunghoon used to be 10 years experience of Figure skating. So he is talented in Both ballad, Contemporary and Modern. And there is still rare modern dancer in 4th gen groups.
He showed his modern dancing skill on hybe NYEL and Drunk-Dazed MV.
And also he is well known with elegant and smooth like water dance move.
by Daisy RL July 22, 2021
This sentence is used for only Lee Chaeyeon.
She's a professional dancer and a main dancer in a girl group IZ*ONE with synchronization score of 95.80%
4th gen main dancer sure us talented right?
by luvyday August 3, 2021
4th gen main dancer definitely Q(changmin) from the boyz. most 4th gen group stans agree on this. many sites have written articles about the dance of Q, so he's the best
: do you know Q from the boyz?
: yeah he's good at everything and 4th gen main dancer!!
by nyufem October 19, 2021