Oh My God for ppl who dont like taking the lords name in vain. or when something isnt quite worthy of an OMG.
OMGoodness that was a terrible thing to say. OR OMGoodness did you really just say that?
by Laceyrane September 16, 2007
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OMG but goodness instead of God at the end. why? because its funner to say and some people dont like to say the lords name in vain.
1: "OMGoodness! its snowing outside!"
2: "Now way it never snows in Florida!"
by sooo fetchhh maine February 18, 2010
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When a person is very surprised someone likes them
"That guy really likes you"
by Josh Okoli May 5, 2019
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OMGoodness is the extreme to OMG.
OMGoodness you look amazing!
by LadyLioness February 22, 2022
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