An acronym which stands for "Overly Loyal Fans", this acronym started from the KneeCaps YouTube video, "Over-Loyal Anime fans"
Me: Yo look at this OP anime character!
DBZ OLF: Yeah but Goku would beat them regardless.
by TACTALYST October 10, 2020
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old, bad-ass (and extremely awesome) fucker. also when there's an old person and they're really adorable in an old person way like mr. rogers or regis philbin or the grampa in every disney movie (you know the one)
my grandpa keeps it relaxed and awesome he's such an olf

look at that olf's face, you can tell he fucking rocks
by Hannah Bananna May 30, 2006
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When you kevin rude-olf or acuse someone of being a kevin rude-olf, you are being extremely rude....
awwwww, shazzza you did a kevin rude-olf calling her that.
by hubija March 22, 2009
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U r doing ome tiktok treand ur names prob aldolf
by netheritewolf May 16, 2021
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