original gangster. Being, or being related to the stereotypical 1970's gangster's lifestyle
by Doctor of the Mix January 30, 2005
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Original Ginger. One who was born a ginger then dyes their hair to trick the world into thinking he/she has a soul.
Kid 1: Ryan has blonde hair. He must have a soul.
Kid 2: Don't be fooled! He's an OG!
by Megatr0no0o0o October 08, 2010
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An OG is normally a member of a gang Who has been around for some time and has put in a large amount of work e.g. Killing enemy gang members. Therefore he is considered a more respected/ higher class member in the gang.
Gangster : Damm that guys put in so much work, Hes what you call a real OG .
by bosh1234hh May 10, 2009
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O.G. is an acronym standing for ORIGINAL GANGSTER. people and things can be described using O.G. as an adjective. it is almost always associated positivley.
shit, that ninja turtles digital watch is O.G.!

that N.W.A joint is so O.G.
by 415beez May 28, 2006
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Acronym for original gangster. Means you have a classic style or stay with the older ways instead of newer.
Mr. Pollard is an OG because of his style and manner.
by MDMBoss777 January 22, 2016
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