Stands for "Original Gangster" Nicole and Alex are the Original Gangstas since 1980.
DAMN Look at that, it's straight OG style, Nicole and Alex style.
by LAreinaNicole December 30, 2010
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on god. use it when youre being serious and want someone to believe it.
Paul: og i didn't eat your last slice of pizza
John: okay man I believe you
by fundamentalist101 January 16, 2017
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A hybrid strain of Of potent marijuana. Often called OG Kush, but O G is Sativa dominant.
If your looking for dank O G, go to the Valley.
by tirdbergler July 20, 2008
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Means Original Gangsta
To be a REAL OG, you have to be in a street gang. There are 3 steps to getting OG status
1.Build yourself a reputation
2.Have your name and your gang associated, so wenever sumone thinks of you, they think of your gang.
3.Show yourself of a promotor of your gang.
Read "Monstor". "An autobiography of an LA gang member."
by secret cant tell May 28, 2005
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OG is an emoticon. When you look at it with ur head tilted to the left, what does it look like? Thats right, Someone Fapping, or it can mean "Go Fuck yourself".
Friend :"Hey dude, your a fucking asshole"

You: "OG"

Friend: "No, Fuck you!"
by Azazel90x January 14, 2010
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