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Acronym: Out of Control Midriff Syndrome

OCMS is characterized by an absence of the part of clothing responsible for covering the midriff. The result is a painful eyesore as a proverbial sea of fat bulges out of the exposed area.

OCMS is a fashion condition predominately affecting females of the overweight variety.
I was totally into this chick from my Psych class until I noticed she had a vicious case of OCMS. If that girl expects to get any action – ever – she needs to cover that shit up or lose some weight.
by TheJonk September 28, 2005
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Obsessive compulsive masturbator. Basically, this describes anyone who has flogged the dolphin to a point of obsession. Some may experience blanks or blood.
See that kid Mike, his mom told me that he's an OCM.
by Mike April 24, 2005
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It means something or someone is so awesome that you feel that word isn't enough.
"You're ocm!" "I found one hundred dollars on the stret! OCM!"
by Zally August 27, 2008
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