The international symbol for the best long-term Israel program known as OTZMA. Introduced in 2009, this stance, which is very similar in style to the fifth arm position in ballet, serves as a calling card for OTZMA alumni and current participants.
"O's up!"
"It's been three years, but I still got my O up!"
by sarmcohe June 25, 2013
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to make something smell like BO (Body Odour)

When you put a piece of clothing on you make it smell like BO!!
KAY:"Hey OMG that top is sooo nice, im gonna try it on"
Jay: "Ewww, no!! Your gonna B-O it up. You stink!!!"
by s-jay September 1, 2008
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a personal scale used for measuring how wrong, horrible, twisted (essentially fucked up) a situation is.
Picking cum out of my ear in front of my class today is a 7 out of 10 on my fucked-up-o-meter.
by hahahaNSF August 28, 2009
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if you love Kia you must throw up O’s UP
by aiydeenn May 15, 2022
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