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The act of pleasuring oneself with an eating utensil while repeatedly saying Ohh... Hagan (pronounced Oh.. Hey! Gun?) Rolling on the floor increases the pleasures. Beginners start with spoons, then sporks, forks and then knives. The traditional time for pulling an O'Hagan is 11:18 pm and can be done alone or with others.

Also can be used as a scale of greatness, on a scale of one to O'Hagan.
Timmy: Dude, I've got ten minutes before econ, do you think I can pull an O'Hagan before class?
Clarence: Pssh! Of course, there's always time for an O'Hagan!!

Frederico: Yo, how was that party last night?
Salvador: It was totally O'Hagan!!!
Frederico: Sweet...wanna go bang some girls?
Salvador: Sorry, it's almost 11:18 and you know what that means.
Frederico: I almost forgot! Good thing I have my spork.
Salvador: Ha! Amateur...I've got my trusty fork.
Frederico: Not so fast Salvador...

Sofia: Have you met the new girl yet?
Delila: Yeah, the one with brown hair?
Sofia: Yeah!! I hear she's into some kinky stuff...
Delila: Haha, like what?
Sofia: I hear she's into O'Hagan...
Delila: Oh... I've always wanted to try that, but I hear it can get pretty wild...
by Jeffe Bereltaz November 30, 2006
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